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 How will it affect our future?


This Module Contains:

  • 2.45 hours of digital footage relating to global warming.

  • Comprehensive curriculum: teaching unit (sample) supporting national standards complete with student activities (sample), worksheets (sample), grading rubrics (sample), Power Point presentations (sample), flowcharts (sample), graphic organizers (sample), homework assignments, and a video (sample) on how to use the footage. 


Sample Footage (clips used by students to create their own documentaries)




  • Students can complete a 60-second video in as little as 5-7 classroom periods using only the core materials provided.

  • Teachers can incorporate optional activities and cover the topic more thoroughly (3-10 minute video) over a period of up to two months.

  • Sophisticated students can work their own way through the curriculum with minimal teacher oversight.


  • All necessary footage and curricular materials are provided.

  • Internet access for research purposes is recommended. If this is not possible, the school library should suffice.

  • Students will need access to either a PC (with free standard version of MovieMaker installed) or Mac (with free standard version of iMovie installed). Editing does not occur until the final 20-30% of the project.



This program is adaptable to grade 6-12 depending on time allowed and project complexity. Curriculum adheres to:

Project Overview

This project requires no prior knowledge of editing or filmmaking.  The curriculum takes students step-by-step through the process of researching their topic, critically analyzing issues, and creating logical and persuasive arguments and compelling conclusions.  All worksheets, Power Point presentations, How-to videos, activities, assessment rubrics, and other teacher support materials are provided.  Please see sample curriculum overview flowchart for complete description


Footage Highlights:

  • Scenic aerial footage

  • Animation backgrounds

  • Deforestation and glaciers

  • Animals - fish, birds, insects, etc.

  • Healthy earth/unhealthy earth sequences

  • Weather and seasons

  • Urban landscapes/construction/traffic

  • Time lapse footage of both cities and countryside.

One year, single classroom educational license: $100. Introductory price: $49.95

Site license: contact Take 2

District license: contact Take 2