Wouldn't your students be exited to get their hands on National Geographic quality footage? To shape a story about a place halfway around the world - and put it up on a big screen? To hear an audience gasp or laugh and know they've been forever changed?


This is their chance.


(Sample footage from Sudan)                  

  • Take 2 footage is unique - shot in remote locations over a period of several months.

  • The footage was shot by a professional National Geographic filmmaker with 16 years of experience.

  • The footage is digitized and sequenced by storyline/subject, saving hundreds of hours of work.

  • The footage is lightly edited to broadcast standard.

  • The footage is relevant - newsworthy issues and regions that make compelling documentaries.

  • Background materials are comprehensive: in-depth summaries, lists, and flowcharts.


Our three media packages offer something for everyone - from entry-level modules to introduce your students to editing/storytelling to more challenging projects that still offer them some structure while giving them the opportunity to create their own stories, to a professional package of uncompressed footage used in a PBS series.




Footage is available for both Mac-based editing software (Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, iMovie, etc.) and for PC-based editing software (Premiere, Moviemaker, etc.). Please download and test the following clips to ensure that the footage works seamlessly on your system:

Test clip for WMV (PC-based)     DOWNLOAD

Test clip for MOV (Mac-based)    DOWNLOAD


Footage is currently available on both environmental issues and global (Sudan and Cuba) regions.



One-year, non-exclusive, non-commercial, single classroom license to the footage

This is a one-year, non-commercial, non-exclusive, single-classroom license. Footage and any derivative products may be used only for educational purposes and must adhere to the mission, vision, and values of Take 2. Footage or derivative products cannot be used for commercial gain, either through direct sale, exhibition, public performance, rental, or broadcast without the explicit permission of Take 2.

If you want to submit your student documentaries to a film festival, air them on local community television or in other public arenas that charge an entrance fee, you must first get written permission from Take 2. For more information, see our full educational license contract.


Sample Student Project

This Florida public school showed their Sudan documentary to a public audience of 500, got interviewed by their local television station and newspapers, and were accepted into several film festivals.