Joining Take 2 can be as simple as a two-week project for an English, Media Technology, Social Studies, or Science class or as sophisticated as a semester-long collaborative effort between several departments that results in an award-winning documentary. All of our curricula has been designed for maximum flexibility.


  • English

  • Media Technology

  • Social Studies

  • Environmental Science

  • Science

Hardware/software/video expertise

  • You and your students must have access to either Mac or PC computers in order to edit the footage. Although your computers don't need to be high-speed, they should be new enough to run at least Windows XP and Office 2003.

  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW TO EDIT VIDEO! Sit almost any student down in front of iMovie or MovieMaker and they will have mastered the technology within ten minutes. Most of your students have probably already created mini-documentaries using their cell phones and posted them on Youtube. We encourage you to stay away from the nuts and bolts of editing and focus instead on helping your students to create the strongest possible storylines and logical, well-structured documentaries. Your students will be thrilled to be in charge of the technology - it's not often they know something better than their teacher!

  • You will be using standard editing software that comes pre-installed with every computer - iMovie for Macs and MovieMaker for PCs. You may choose to use more sophisticated software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere but it is not necessary - as a matter of fact, all those extra bells and whistles might just distract your students from the real business of creating a good story.

Is the footage graphic?

Our simplest modules are suitable to all ages, though several fish are killed and eaten in the Japanese fishing footage. Our high school and college footage is rated PG-14 - the same as you would find in a prime-time documentary on PBS. That said, we did not try to sanitize the stories to the point that it no longer reflected reality in the target region/culture. In the Sudan footage, there are shots of butchers at work in the refugee camps, primitive medical techniques practiced by refugees, and a 7-year-old boy's circumcision.



Elementary/Middle/High School modules: Purchase the modules online and both the footage and background information will be sent to you on DVDs by mail. The package includes all footage, curriculum, and background documentation. PRICE: $49.95 to $95 per classroom.

College/University school package: Because of the amount and quality of the footage, all project materials will be copied onto a hard drive that you send to Take 2. PRICE: $950 per classroom.


If you have any questions, please email us at Take 2.