"Your Sudan project has all the elements for the best practices in education - authentic assessment, tech skills, student driven, real world problem solving, and a focus on making students true global citizens."                 Reuben Hoffman, West Hills High School Santee, CA


Are you looking for a project that drives student learning? That brings your subject to life? That gives your students a deep and personal connection to issues far outside their experience? That makes them actually want to stay after class?



Use your students' fascination with technology to explore real-life examples from the following subjects:

  • Social Studies

    • INCLUDING: ( National Standards) Culture, Peoples, Places, and Environments, Individual Development and Identity, Individuals, Groups, and Institutions, Production, Distribution, and Consumption, and Global Connections.


    • INCLUDING:: (National Economics Standards) Scarcity and Abundance, Allocation, Incentives, Money and Inflation, Economic Growth, Role of Government and Market Failure, Trade, Decision Making, Specialization, Competition and Market Structure.

  • Civics/Government

  • International Relations

  • Geography

Choose between Sudan, Cuba, and the Environment

or by age/grade level: Elementary, Middle/High, or College&University