Why Can't I Have My Cake and Eat It Too? 

Cuban Socialist Society                      



Unit Overview

The following unit provides a range of activities and strategies based on each teacher's needs. The complete curriculum is designed to provide students with the necessary political / social background of Cuba and its people. If used in order, these strategies will also give students the necessary sequential practice to guide and direct them to the development of their media products and to mastery of the standards and objectives of the unit. The footage and film documentarian's field notes are original source material; in effect, they become the textbook.

The teacher is free to pick and choose from the activities according to his/her instructional style, student learning styles, or time allowed.

  • Introductory PowerPoint: the teacher may use the PowerPoint provided to introduce the unit.

First Impressions:  Viewing original footage will be a new experience for most students. Footage moves slowly and comes without commentary. Students will need an introductory activity to help them get the most from this initial viewing. This simple, large-group activity can be individualized for any size or academic level of class.  

  • Homework. What is Take 2? Students investigate the Take 2 website and answer the following questions:

    • How does Ms. Muller prepare for 3 months undercover in a hostile environment?
    • Students take pre-test on the website.
    • Students join Take 2's collaborative teacher/student website (http://take2videos.ning.com) where they can post their videos, get feedback, etc.
    • How might a refrigerator come in handy if you were being chased by the Cuban police?
  • Homework: Website analysis of sites dedicated to Cuba: Students should acquire further background information on Cuba and begin generating concepts for their own projects. It is particularly important to examine sites for credibility of information or bias. Sample reference website sheet provides several examples.

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